Position: Artist–Educator for Summer Art Portfolio Intensive

Period: Summer 2022

Duration: Three 8-hour classes

Rate: $900

Dates: Varies depending on medium (see below for details)

Deadline to apply: May 15, 2021 at 11:59pm (PT)

Summer Art Portfolio Intensive is a 4-week long summer art camp for high school students looking to create works for their art major or arts supplement portfolio. The curriculum is designed to provide an immersed experience of 4 interrelated mediums in art: Drawing & Painting, Mixed Media, Sculpture, and Installation. The goal is to guide students to produce at least one finished and developed work in each medium, displaying a deep understanding of the given medium.

Instructors will be required to provide a detailed curriculum and materials list at least 1 month prior to the start of camp. 

  • Artists who has experience teaching art
  • Advanced knowledge in one of the following medium: Mixed Media, Sculpture, Installation
  • Able to lead students to carry out a project from conceptualization to production / presentation
  • Responsible and has good communication skills

Timeline (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday only)
       Week 1         6/27–7/2          Drawing & Painting
       Week 2         7/4–7/9            Mixed Media
       Week 3         7/11–7/16        Sculpture
       Week 4         7/18–7/23        Installation

How to apply

Please send your cv or resume to drawwingcabinet@gmail.com with Recruit_SAPI_First Name Last Name in the subject line. Be sure to include the following: medium you are applying for, details about your teaching experiences, and a link to your portfolio or website.