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Drawwing Cabinet Kids

The creative possibilities of young children are endless. This is why Drawwing Cabinet Kids classes are focused on exposure, experimentation, and expression. Holding a safe and creative space that does not limit the imaginations and creative freedom of our youngest students is a crucial criteria when designing our curriculums. In these classes, students will be working with various mediums and materials (such as drawing, painting, printmaking, clay building, collage, etc), drawing inspirations from artists and works in art history and contemporary art.

Current Schedule
Thursdays, 3-5pm Drawwing Cabinet Kids I Tuesdays, 3-5pm Drawwing Cabinet Kids II
*must be enrolled in 1st grade or above OR have taken 4 semesters of Drawwing Cabinet Kids I*

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Visual Thinking

Thinking creatively isn’t just a necessary skill for making art. It’s a life skill. In this ongoing course, our teachers take into consideration each student’s interests, skill sets, and goals to design a customized curriculum that will improve student’s creativity, visual language, and critical thinking. It is a space that encourages experimentation, helping students find their unique creative voice. It’s the class we (as artists) wish we had growing up.

Classes are offered for Pre-K & K.

Current Schedule
Mondays, 5-7pm
Fridays, 4-6pm

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Guided Projects

Every student has their own unique interests and needs. In this class, students are coming up with their own ideas to create unique works that speak / show who they are as a person and as an artist. Every project is guided by the instructor so that students can realize their visions from ideation to production and sometimes even presentation. Students will explore various mediums of art and in the process, find out what specifically interests them.

The curriculum for this class is individually designed for each student based on their interests and needs.

Current Schedule
Wednesdays, 4:30-7:30pm
Saturdays, 10am-1pm
Saturdays, 1-4pm

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A strong portfolio is an artwork in and of its own. It tells a story (your story), is conceptually coherent and manifests potential. It shows an understanding of the program the student is applying to and will serve as the student’s first impression. Students will work closely with our teachers on an individual basis to conceptualize, research, develop and execute a finished portfolio that is sure to impress. Students will be offered weekly consultations, professional artwork photoshoot and guidance on portfolio editing / art writing (for supplemental materials). We recommend that students start preparing at least 2 years prior to submitting their applications.

Please reach out for a more detailed consultation.


Art can be a form of expression but it can also be a form of release. In this daytime course for adults, we will use basic materials such as pen, pencil and colored pencil as a tool for introspection and healing. We will look into modern and contemporary art for inspiration and learn about ways in which artists turn to art for introspection and expression.

Daytime classes are 2 hours long and students may take up to 2 classes per week. All materials are provided.

Daytime classes can be arranged individually or in groups. Please contact us for details.