what we do

Regular Classes

Frankly, no amazing art is made in a day. When artists create, the artworks reflect the aggregation of their learning, experience, research, and practice. In other words, the works are developed over time. Whether it is a skill or an idea, we cannot stress enough the importance of development and in order to fully develop a skill or an idea, one must continuously revisit them over time.

Our regular classes are offered on an ongoing basis and because of this nature, we are able to provide a more intimate learning experience. It is through these regular classes, our teachers delve deep into each student's needs and goals to customize curriculums that are specific to the development of the student’s technical and conceptual abilities.

*For any of our regular classes, your first class is always free.

Regular Class Offerings


Every artist has their own unique way of thinking about an idea and making that into an experience or an object. These artist-led workshops provide opportunities for participants to share a snippet of the artist’s creative process. Workshops are usually more hands on but each workshop varies widely from one another, so check back regularly to see what’s next!

*Workshops can be arragned and customized for private groups. Please allow 2 weeks for arrangement from the desired date.

**If you are an artist and would like to propose your workshop to be held at Drawwing Cabinet, please reach out! 


Have you ever felt like you didn’t know where to begin? or unsure if you were going in the right direction? We’ve all been there. Whether you are a high school student wanting to study art in college, a college student looking to transfer into an art program or someone who is aiming to study art abroad at an American institution, we are here to help. Our academic and professional experience range vastly from diverse mediums of visual art such as painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, film, media art, performance art, and illustration, to art related careers such as arts management, art education, art marketing, branding, and film/video production. In these 1:1 consultation sessions, we will help you set a solid goal, provide advice on the different options available, and guide you through the entire process, which may include but are not limited to applications and portfolio reviews, art writing tutorials, and network liaisons. Consultations can be provided in person or online.

Field Trips

Los Angeles is one of the most culturally dynamic cities in the world. From historic landmarks and city-run programs to commercial and artist-run gallery spaces, there is always something exciting going on. Field Trips is a one day exploration of the most current cultural happenings in the city and will provide an insider look at the LA contemporary art scene.

*Field trips can be arranged and customized for private groups. Please allow 2 weeks for arrangement from the desired date.